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How it Works

We bring all of the complexities of your busy office into one simplified solution

Everything in One Place

From your case files and notes to your email, networking, video-conferencing, agenda, and remote desktop access, it's all in your virtual office at your fingertips.

For The Law Industry

Lawyer Talk is a web based virtual office for Lawyers, Paralegals, Secretaries, Mediators, Process Servers, Court Reporters, Videographers, Bail Bondsman, Expert Witnesses, Translation Services, and other law industry professionals who are an integral part of our growing community.

Quickly Hire Who You Need

With Lawyer Talk’s Marketplace, you can quickly post jobs or contracts and conduct interviews remotely. Search for the exact qualified resource that you need in any location.


Everything you need to manage your office with encrypted documents, forms, and case data

Case Management

Keep all of your files and documents related to each of your cases organized and easily accessible.


Quickly and easily find and hire Legal Industry Professionals in any area across the U.S.


Access your office-based desktop computer remotely from any place, transferring files to your mobile.


Create your own personal Network of Legal Industry professionals by inviting your own colleagues, and by finding new contacts within Lawyer Talk.

File Cabinet

Store and find all of your administrative and general documents here. Share any file you like with anyone from your Network.


Keep all of your appointments, client meetings, court dates, etc. all in one place. Easily export the data to your Apple iCal, Google, or Outlook calendar.


Create and store your own templates in your personal library for future use, or choose from several commonly-used forms.

Video Chat

Host a secure video-conference with up to 4 of your colleagues. Conduct meetings or interviews remotely from any location.


View all of your e-mail accounts in one place, plus add your own secure Lawyer Talk e-mail account if you would like.

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