The greatest thing since???

The greatest thing since???

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Coming soon!!! The new and hugely improved mobile responsive Lawyer Talk at

The market has spoken and we have listened. So many of you in the legal industry now use Lawyer Talk as “Your Office In The Cloud”.  Our new mobile responsive platform is our commitment to meet your needs anywhere your travels take you.

Accessing your files and working with your colleagues has never been better. Faster. More Utilitarian. Even more user-friendly (yes that’s possible). With the new Lawyer Talk you can work, share, create more efficiently than ever!  Any case. Any time. Any place. With any device. On any browser.

Over the last 4+ years we have made many improvements to This time we’ve even improved the improvements. It could be the best thing you have seen in quite a while.



NOTE: The mobile responsive upgrade is likely to launch mid December. Stay tuned. For now you can sign up for a free trial now at

-LT Staff