Experience the Excitement of Signing in to

Experience the Excitement of Signing in to

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Experience the excitement of signing in to for the first time and have a look at your “all in one place” virtual office console. There, you’ll find all our modules neatly displayed, waiting for you to select which tools and services will seamlessly maximize your productivity and efficiency.

Lawyer Talk was created by legal professionals for legal professionals. So, whether you’re a lawyer, paralegal, mediator, legal secretary, language translator, process server or any number of law related industry professionals, you can “Work – Share – Create” securely with your forms, data, and documents from anywhere in the world as long as you’ve got an internet connection.  Use Lawyer Talk’s “Network” of legal industry professionals to establish new contacts or invite your associates, colleagues and office staff to join you on Lawyer Talk and form your own individualized network of people.

From your office console,  select “File Cabinet” to access, manage, and store your documents. Select “Video Chat” to conference with people in your private network and during the call, you can access your hard drive or virtual file cabinet in Lawyer Talk to securely upload and send documents instantly. There’s no toggling in and out of 3rd party apps during the video chat call.  In fact, with Lawyer Talk’s  “Market”, you can review a CV online while interviewing a job candidate in real time.  So, that’s only two or three modules, there’s lots more!

You can sign up now for a 30 day free trial and enjoy the benefits of the latest “all in one place” virtual office. It’s there waiting for you at