Be Prepared With Lawyer Talk

Be Prepared With Lawyer Talk

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        Whether you’re a Lawyer, Paralegal, Legal Assistant, Language Translator or any one of the many professionals in the law industry, preparation is a key factor to success. Lawyer Talk’s all-in-one virtual office for legal industry professionals makes preparation easier and faster with interactive tools and services.

        We provide encryption for a Forms system to create and store all your forms and templates, a File Cabinet to organize and manage your cases and documents, a Case Management System to selectively file share with your associates, and a Network System that enables you to invite colleagues and associates to your own internal network. You can also find new contacts inside Lawyer Talk’s growing community of professionals where there’s a multi-screen Video chat module to interview job applicants or simply video chat with colleagues and associates within your network. You can also remotely “Dock-In” to your office desk top from anywhere there’s an internet connection to transfer files to your laptop or mobile device. No worries about having left important documents in the office or at home if you’re on the fly. Lawyer Talk has it all in one place.