Breaking Bad Habits In Order To Succeed

Breaking Bad Habits In Order To Succeed

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From the article “6 Bad Habits You Must Break to Succeed” written by:

“You can’t outwork unhealthy patterns. The best way to ditch a bad habit is to embrace a good one in its place.

Many of the young entrepreneurs I meet through my work as a writer, investor and entrepreneur aren’t reaching their full potential. What’s more, they have no idea why. They have great ideas for their startups and financial backing to make it a reality. But no matter how hard they try, they keep coming up short.

Is this you? Do you believe you should be successful but can’t get quite where you want to be?

If so, I’m willing to bet you’re letting a few bad habits run in the background, without your knowledge. Bad habits often go unnoticed, like a slow leak in a car tire. Until one day, when you’re on the side of the road without any advance warning there’s a problem.

Success requires technical skills as well as the grit, focus and energy to carry you for the long haul. Success also demands self-knowledge. You must be able to see yourself and your habits clearly so you can change them before they stunt your potential.

Take a look at the list below and be brutally honest: Do any of them ring a bell?

1. You’re a perfectionist.

This is one of the worst ways you can sabotage yourself. If you live in fear of doing a task wrong, you won’t be able to begin. The stress of being perfect freezes up creativity and joy, making your task longer, more difficult and not as fun.

Give yourself permission to create imperfectly. Make drafts knowing you won’t include some or most of what you’re doing. You always can edit what you’ve begun. Greatness comes from many failures and do-overs.

2. You’re compulsively distracted.

Surfing the internet, answering a call, getting a snack, texting someone back quickly while you’re in the middle of something — it all pulls you away from intense focus. If you’re constantly interrupting yourself, you can’t get into the swing of things. You could be setting yourself up to waste your whole day.

Turn off your distractions, close your door and focus for a set period of time. If you need to call, text or eat, give yourself a set break to do so. And then have the discipline to return to the task at hand. ”

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