Five reasons why Lawyer Talk should be your all-in-one virtual office.

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Starting today, you can simplify your busy life with one easy solution: Lawyer Talk. While we think there are considerably more than 5 reasons why Lawyer Talk is the best way to streamline your workflow, here is a good start.shutterstock_317045519

1. No toggling between programs. From your case files and notes to your email, networking, video-conferencing, agenda, and remote desktop access, your office is always at your fingertips.

2. Instant sharing. You can share files just about as fast as you can upload them. In a grueling speed test, results show that sharing on Lawyer Talk is 7 billion times faster than a fax machine.

3. Remote access to all your files. With Lawyer Talk you can access your computer from anywhere. With our Dock-In function, Lawyer Talk is the cloud based solution for the Legal Industry. Get access to your data, your files, even the ones on your desktop that you forgot to bring with you. And do it all in less time than calling your secretary.

4. Built in video chat. Don’t want to use 3rd party external video conferencing? Who would want to? Using Lawyer Talk as your all-in-one virtual office, you can host a secure video-conference with up to 4 of your colleagues or conduct meetings or interviews remotely from any location.

5. One place, one source calendaring and scheduling. Keep all of your appointments, client meetings, court dates, etc. all in one place. Easily export the data to your Apple iCal, Google, or Outlook calendar.

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, there you have it. Five sound reasons why you should go to today and sign up for a free trial. Gavel down.