The 8 most powerful words in advertising???

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wordcloudWe were just thinking about where our marketing will be going when this idea hit us: what does Lawyer Talk have in common with the most powerful words in advertising???  Here are the 8 most powerful words in advertising – in no particular order.

8) Love. We think you’ll love how easy Lawyer Talk is to navigate and how quickly it can streamline your workflow.

7) Health. Most heart attacks happen on a Monday morning between the hours of 6:00 to 9:00 a.m. Lawyer Talk helps you stop dreading work. Dare we say Lawyer Talk can help prevent heart attacks???  We’ll let you fill in the blanks there.

5) Save. No wonder this is one of the top 8 words. Think of all the time you’ll save using an efficient workflow platform for your office. Not to mention all the savings on stress.

4) Discover. Once you discover how great this new office efficiency suite is, you’ll want to have everyone running smoothly on

3) Results. With any new office workflow setup, there is a short set-up and learning curve. Once your office is set up with Lawyer Talk, you might wonder how you ever worked without it.

2) New. Always an advertising favorite, the word “new” really defines Lawyer Talk. It could be the first all-in-one breakthrough since the Swiss Army Knife in 1890!

1) Free. There’s good news and bad news here…For a limited time, you can go to and sign up for a free trial.

Today’s advertising lesson was brought to you by all of us at Lawyer Talk. Stop dreading Monday morning! Sign up for your FREE trial at