It took us 4 years to write our first blog post.

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There’s a special limited time offer at the bottom so it could pay to read this brief first message from us.

Four years. That’s about how long it took to develop what we think is one of the best ways to streamline your law office’s work flow. All your files in just one place. Near instant sharing (milliseconds). Integrated video conferencing. Yes, no more logging in and out and in and out of third party video applications.  Calendaring. Easy remote desktop access to all of your files. It’s your case in just one place. Actually, that sounds catchy. Maybe it’s better than “Your Office In The Cloud”. Time will tell…

So we bring you Lawyer Talk. It could mean the end of clumsy case management as you know it!


Today’s a good day at Lawyer Talk. Actually it’s a great day. Go to today and register. ***The offer: Free 30 day trial to the first million people who want to streamline their office work flow.